Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Hennessey Venom GT vs Bugatti Veyron Super Sport

Only a few weeks ago was the 2011 Goodwood Festival of Speed. This event draws a huge crowd, with all the best, most exotic car manufacturers present to show off their vehicles. Cars as rare as the Aston Martin One-77, Pagani Huayra, Covini C6W, Koenigsegg Agera, and many more.

It was no surprise that Bugatti brought out their top gun, and fastest certified production car in the world, the Veyron Super Sport, to show it off. It is also no surprise that Hennessey brought their brand new Venom GT supercar to demonstrate its performance.
The main event of the weekend is the hill climb race. Virtually every car gets raced, and timed, up this hill for both fun and bragging rights.

So what happens when the Hennessey Venom GT lines up behind the Bugatti Veyron super sport?
Read below and watch the video to find out.

Bugatti should have nothing to fear right? It is THE supercar, right? I mean it does have AWD, 1200hp, and a slick shifting dual clutch transmission while the Venom GT is only rear wheel drive with a traditional manual transmission and traction control off. On top of that the Veyron SS holds the Top Gear lap record and remember how great Bugatti claims it handles.
Well, it seems Bugatti knows better. Even they know their car is no match for the Venom GT on a REAL race track. So instead of being embarrassed in front of hundreds of people, they give up before the fight even starts. How sad Bugatti, how sad.

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